May 20, 2019

Looking for work? Don't just build an app. Build the future.

WhiteFox is Hiring!

Dream of your work making a real difference?

One day soon, drone airways will alter entire cityscapes—revolutionizing package delivery, organ transplants, transportation via air taxis, and more. But that future can only happen once a framework to manage the drone airspace is implemented.

This is WhiteFox’s vision.

And what first drew me to the business.

Want to work for an award-winning company?

I’m excited to lead a company that has been consistently honored for its work. For the 2nd year in a row, WhiteFox received 1st place XCELLENCE awards at AUVSI XPONENTIAL, the largest, most comprehensive trade show for unmanned and autonomous systems in the world.

The XCELLENCE awards are significant in the drone industry. They honor innovators that demonstrate a commitment to advancing technology, leading & promoting safe operations, and developing programs that use unmanned systems to improve the human condition. In May 2019, two of WhiteFox’s products won 1st Place for TECHNOLOGY INNOVATION.These awards reflect the scope of our company mission: to pioneer the safe integration of drones into society.

Because we’re solving a problem that hasn’t been solved before, our employees are challenged to be creative, inquisitive, and unafraid to take risks. The people are why I decided to work here.

If you’re excited by the opportunity to help build something new for the world, then consider joining us.

Take the Full Stack Developer job, for example. The selected candidate will be the architect for a cloud-based system designed to ensure authorized drones fly, while those that are unauthorized don’t.

At WhiteFox, you’ll collaborate with leaders in cryptography, reverse engineering, business strategy, and more.No matter your position here, you’ll help build the future of what’s above.

We’re in it together.

I hope to see you soon,

Mark Kula

President of WhiteFox