SCORPION® 3 by WhiteFox is The world’s lightest and most portable drone detection solution with add-on mitigation capability.

Offering efficient and reliable situational awareness even in dynamic environments, Scorpion’s intuitive user interface allows the operator to integrate authorize drones into secured airspace, detect unauthorized drones and safely defend critical assets.


The features you need from a fully portable solution.

Each SCORPION® 3 Package Includes:

SCORPION® 3 Mobile Unit
• WhiteFox Carrying Case
• WhiteFox Tactical Strap
• Mobile App Access
• Software Updates
• Optional Antenna

As drone technology advances, innovative and effective counter-drone solutions will be required.

Security at Public Events

Enhance security at public events with real-time drone detection and countermeasure initiation, ensuring attendee safety and minimizing disruptions.

Critical Infrastructure Protection

Enable constant surveillance and early detection of drone threats to safeguard critical infrastructure like power plants, refineries, and telecommunication towers.

Private Sector and Corporate Security

Protect high-profile corporate events like shareholder meetings and product launches from potential espionage, disruptions, or safety threats.

Public Safety and Emergency Services

Secure airspace to safeguard first responders and operations during crisis situations, such as hostage rescues or terrorist incidents.

Law Enforcement

Counter illegal drone activities, like contraband deliveries to prisons or unauthorized surveillance,and enable a rapid response by easily locating drone operators.

Border Security

Maintain better control of a territory by detecting illegal crossings, smuggling, and other illicit activities along remote border stretches that are normally inaccessible.

Disaster Response

Ensure airspace management in the aftermath of natural disasters and minimize the risks of unauthorized drone interference during search, rescue, and damage assessment.

When it comes to safety, compromise is not an option.

Meet SCORPION® 3, the epitome of innovation and convenience in the realm of Man-portable Counter Unmanned Aircraft Systems (C-UAS). Weighing in as the world’s lightest solution of its kind, SCORPION® 3 redefines portable counter UAS technology, ensuring your airspace is safeguarded with unmatched efficiency and reliability.

Whether out on patrol, traveling in a motorcade, or securing a perimeter - SCORPION® 3 detects drone threats automatically by creating a protective dome around the user. If an unauthorized drone enters this space, Scorpion automatically tracks and identifies operator location, allowing law enforcement, tactical units, and security personnel to focus on defending critical assets.