Detect. Identify. Mitigate.
The world's longest range, most precise, and safest drone detection system.

Long Range Detection
Surgical Drone Mitigation (with proper authorization)
Drone Threat Classification
Live Updates
Deploy and enjoy
Invisible Firewall (allows “good” drones to continue operation)
Operating temperature: -20-50° C

Use Cases

Commercial Property
Privacy and security are top concerns in both the defense and business sectors. Commercial properties now have access to monitoring and flight tracking software for their diverse group of business properties.
Critical Infastructure
The safe integration of drones requires logistic companies and critical infrastructure to appropriately managing airspace traffic. Now they can know what unauthorized drones are around their airspace.
Unauthorized drone activity can halt airport operations, causing the industry millions of dollars. However, they can track nearby activity and take proactive measures to circumvent security threats.
Public Figures
Whether you are a VIP, Celebrity, or High Net Worth Individual, privacy and safety are of concern. STRATUS allows individuals to monitor the airspace and provide the information necessary to report unwanted drone activity.
Stadiums + Events
Drones can interrupt games and events. Assessing potential threats can prevent unauthorized recording of events and reduce the risk of physical damage to arenas, stadiums, venues, or individuals.
Data Centers
Leaning forward in efforts to prevent the theft of sensitive data or PII; Data Centers can receive nearby activity alerts before incidents occur through notification services offered 24/7 and custom alert policies.

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