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The world's first real-time, cloud-based drone detection system.
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Omni-directional drone detection, identification, and mitigation system.
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Scorpion 3

Light weight, portable drone detection, authorization and mitigation solution.
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The world's first real-time, cloud-based drone detection system. Accessible. Anywhere. Anytime.

Precise Drone Tracking
​Identify Friend or Foe
Quickly Identify Pilot Location
Cloud based drone monitoring
Forensic Threat Assessment
Web, mobile, and API accessible
Determine Pilot Intent
Text/Email Notifications

What is STRATUS?

How do you distinguish between a dangerous drone and a delivery drone? Traditionally to detect drones, expensive equipment would have to be installed at each facility that required protection. With STRATUS
you can track drones without any equipment installation

The system enables users to define geofences and notification criteria. Users can track, report, and log drone activity as it occurs with instant text or email notification. Users can also access historical drone traffic over their facilities and produce reports showing exactly what has happened.

STRATUS instantly creates a virtual bubble of protection to track drones and perform risk assessment in real-time. Sensors provide coverage in major metropolitan areas across North America.

Customers simply need a computer or mobile device connected to the Internet to use STRATUS and instantly track drones intruding in their airspace.


Use Cases

Commercial Property
Privacy and security are top concerns in both the defense and business sectors. Commercial properties now have access to monitoring and flight tracking software for their diverse group of business properties.
Critical Infastructure
The safe integration of drones requires logistic companies and critical infrastructure to appropriately managing airspace traffic. Now they can know what unauthorized drones are around their airspace.
Unauthorized drone activity can halt airport operations, causing the industry millions of dollars. However, they can track nearby activity and take proactive measures to circumvent security threats.
Public Figures
Whether you are a VIP, Celebrity, or High Net Worth Individual, privacy and safety are of concern. STRATUS allows individuals to monitor the airspace and provide the information necessary to report unwanted drone activity.
Stadiums + Events
Drones can interrupt games and events. Assessing potential threats can prevent unauthorized recording of events and reduce the risk of physical damage to arenas, stadiums, venues, or individuals.
Data Centers
Leaning forward in efforts to prevent the theft of sensitive data or PII; Data Centers can receive nearby activity alerts before incidents occur through notification services offered 24/7 and custom alert policies.


Detect. Identify. Mitigate.
The world's longest range, most precise, and safest drone detection system.

Long Range Detection
Surgical Drone Mitigation (with proper authorization)
Drone Threat Classification
Live Updates
Deploy and enjoy
Invisible Firewall (allows “good” drones to continue operation)
Operating temperature: -20-50° C

Scorpion 3

The world's lightest weight, most portable drone detection and mitigation solution.

Scorpion offers efficient and reliable situational awareness, in any dynamic environment. The intuitive user interface allows the operator to integrate authorize drones into secured airspace, detect unauthorized drones and passively defend critical assets.


Protect Your Airspace

Fly your drone fleet while denying access to critical airspace

Scorpion is engineered with intelligent detection, whitelisting and mitigation capabilities. Unlike traditional jammers that interfere with surrounding wireless communications, Scorpion targets the drone threats and auto-mitigates without interfering with whitelisted, friendly drones.

Auto-mitigate unauthorized drones

Clueless or malicious drone pilots can impact critical mission operations. Whether out on patrol, traveling in a motorcade, or securing a perimeter - Scorpion detects and defeats drone threats automatically by creating a protective dome around the user. If an unauthorized drone enters this space, Scorpion automatically denies communication with its operator, allowing law enforcement, tactical units, and security personnel to focus on defending critical assets.


Features and Specifications

Easy to use, portable, personal drone protection

Wearable or carriable
by a user
Stationary and on-the-move support
Tracks drones, home points, and pilots
Identifies make, model, and protocol
Unique identifier for pattern-of-life analysis
Whitelisting friendly drones
Multiple operating modes to match your operational scenario
Multiple alert settings
Data export, and mitigation mode selection
Quarterly software updates to meet new threats and add new features
On-board Industrial grade IMU/barometer
On-board Multi-GNSS technology including GPS denied navigation
Detection Range: 500m nominal and 1000m with active antenna option
Mitigation Range: 100m nominal
Frequency: 400 MHz - 5.8 GHz ISM Bands
Small size and light weight:
< 1 kg
IP67 ingress protection
Operating temperature: -20-50° C
Rechargeable/swappable standard battery packs
Ethernet, Wi-Fi, and Bluetooth
ATAK support

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