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"I don't think companies have any clue, just how much data is being collected on their operations from above.”
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To fit a variety of drone protection needs


Accessible. Anywhere. Anytime.

STRATUS instantly creates a virtual bubble of protection to track drones and perform risk assessment in real-time, no install required. Users can track, report, and log drone activity as it occurs with instant text or email notification. Users can also access historical drone traffic over their facilities and produce reports showing exactly what has happened.


Detect. Identify. Mitigate.

DroneFox creates an invisible firewall of defense that’s both effective and legal. DroneFox gives the power of automatic detection, always updated threat identification, and safe, surgical, one-click mitigation (with appropriate authorization). Whether you’re securing a fixed building or need mobile protection, it’s now safer above with DroneFox.

Leadership Team

Luke Fox
Luke Fox
Founder + CEO

Luke is an internationally recognized expert on drone technology. He serves as Vice Chair of U.S. Chamber of Commerce Drone Team and t he Consumer Technology Association (CTA) Drone Cybersecurity Standard.

Bill Jamaca
Bill Jamaca
VP of Operations

Performance-driven executive and accomplished leader with over 30 years of experience achieving measurable business results for companies of all scales, from start-ups to Fortune 500.

Andy D'Ambrosio
Andy D'Ambrosio
VP of Strategy + BD

Andy has more than 30 years of experience in the Aerospace & Defense industry, including service as a Naval Officer, an executive at Raytheon, and a Senior Director at several leading consulting firms.

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