Omni-directional drone detection, identification, and mitigation system.

Secure Your Airspace


Long Range Detection
Live Updates
Surgical Drone Mitigation (with proper authorization)
Deploy and enjoy
Drone Threat Classification
Invisible Firewall (allows “good” drones to continue operation)
DroneFox is an omni-directional drone detection, identification, and mitigation system. DroneFox scans the environment for the radio frequency (RF) signals being transmitted by the drone and/or its controller and provides the user with the capability to detect, identify and mitigate drones in the DroneFox library. DroneFox gives you real-time, effective airspace security.
DroneFox Mobile

Security On The Move
Wherever You Need It

Secure Your Airspace
DroneFox Fortify

Protect Your Large Area
& Fixed Structures

Secure Your Airspace