September 20, 2021

Flying Lion Secures Redondo BeachLife Festival with WhiteFox Drone Detection

Press Release

From September 10th – 12th, the Redondo BeachLife Festival took place in Southern California. The event sold out - with a daily attendance of over 9 thousand people for the three-day beachfront concert.Organizers were eager to ensure that attendees would be safe. To help maintain order and protect against potential dangers – WhiteFox's technology was used by law enforcement, event security, and Flying Lion to detect and identify unauthorized drone activity in the airspace around the event grounds.

“WhiteFox’s DroneFox and STRATUS enhanced the aerial operations for the BeachLife Festival. With WhiteFox solution, Flying Lion provided Drone Operations Management, Law Enforcement Overwatch, and Drone Detection protecting attendees, talent, staff and Intellectual Property. The event was a huge success – and we look forward to future airspace security partnerships with WhiteFox.” – Barry Brennan, President Flying Lion

There are many hazards associated with drone operations near people or buildings. At popular events like BeachLife, unauthorized drones pose a physical safety risk and the potential for criminal activity. WhiteFox sensors were able to detect and identify 11 potential drone threats during the festival. The real-time alerts and rich data – including live drone and pilot location, allowed law enforcement to act quickly. When an unauthorized drone was detected, law enforcement made positive contact with the pilots and educated them about drone regulations regarding the safe operation of drone - including not flying over people/crowds. Everyone complied with law enforcement requests and no citations were issued or arrests were made.

About Flying Lion, Inc. (FLI) is a California-based drone service provider specializing in Public Safety, Emergency Service Departments for Local, Regional, and Federal Government Agencies. The company provides Drone Operations Management, on-demand rapid aerial assessment and multi-spectral (FLIR) imagery, program development and training. Please visit our website at:

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