Remote ID Solution

Secure Your Airspace


Authorized Participation
Can be used on Drones, Cars, Boats, etc.
Predefined Airspace
Revoked and Expired Authorization
Unauthorized Classification
Prevents Malicious participation (e.g.
spoofing, tampering, forging)
WISDM is a hardware module that can be attached to a drone. It is integrated into a centralized authority, existing flight management system, or set of federated UAS Service Suppliers (USS). It contains secure, independent sensors and processors that broadcast a cryptographically-secure drone identify, much like a secure digital license plate for drones. Designed to be quickly registered and immediately deployed, WISDM makes being a responsible operator easy and cost-effective.

WISDM is scalable. From individual organizations to world-wide deployment, WISDM supports implementations and inte­grations of all sizes. WISDM gateways are deployable over a geographic region of interest, integrating into virtually any existing communications infrastructure to enable management of drone traffic.